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5 Thoughts I had while watching Mary J. Blige sing to Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton



Word on these internet streets is that Apple gave Mary J. Blige her own show, The 411 With Mary J. Blige, which is cute if you get the play on words. I have a feeling if you are under 25 you are not going to get what 411 means. In the age of Google, who still dials 411? Anyway doe (in my best Kat Stacks voice) The initial idea of two influential leaders in one room screamed Girl Power! But then Mary sang. Not only did she sang, she sang in them glasses. With that bowl cut. And those bangs...But I digress, these were my thoughts as this cringeworthy moment happened. 


1. That song choice

For those of you who don't know, she is singing American Skin (41 shots) by Bruce Springsteen. This song is a tribute to Amadou Diallo. Girl!! *facepalm* Come on, son. You know damn well NOTHING but some unfortunate tumor can touch Hillary's "American Skin." (Hopefully, no unfortunate tumor will touch Hillary's American Skin)

2. Hillary needs to be president just because of her level of composure. 

LMAO at Hillary's straight face! Hillary is looking at MJB like "Girl, Please don't make me laugh" Hillary was in a tough predicament. If she would have laughed, it would have been rude being police brutality IS a touchy subject. She had to put her most serious politician face, which made this whole video even funnier! Hillary's face gave me flashbacks of when someone gives you a sob story to borrow 20 dollars that you don't have. 


"Does she know I can't spot her the 20? Let me act like I care."

"Does she know I can't spot her the 20? Let me act like I care."

3. Mary reaching for Hillary's hand like she is in a welfare office making a plea for EBT. 

All I can say to that is why? It was hilarious to watch because of how Hillary REALLY CAN NOT RELATE to what is going in the world today. I know Muva Mary meant for that hand grab to be comforting at some level but nah, fam. It was a huge fail. You give that hand grab to the many mother's who lost their children at the hands of police brutality; not Hillary. 

4. Those damn glasses....

If this was supposed to be a lighthearted topic, then I get the fashion forward garb. But Mary, girl, this is a segment on Police brutality and racism. The only one who can get away with eccentric glasses while talking politics is Minister Farrakhan. 

5. Her overall singing.

I love Muva Mary. I have been a fan since I can remember. But damn it, if this one time didn't disappoint me?! She looks like the choirmaster singing for the new Pastor that is visiting Mary's home church. I really couldn't. Is she singing her interview? Is she entertaining? Is she demanding answers of why there is hateration in this Dancery? The world may never know. 

However, I always live for a bit of good drama. My heart did a slight twerk knowing that this STILL didn't beat her Burger King failure. (Which I live for by the way) Mary, come back to us girl. We will be waiting. 

Update: From the Desk of Mary J. Blige


She is NOT tolerating any HATERATION in her DANCERY. 

She is NOT tolerating any HATERATION in her DANCERY. 

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