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10 Ways To Start Fresh This September! (Or any month)

10 Ways To Start Fresh This September! (Or any month)

September is the unofficial beginning of the new year. The fall season approaches, School starts, and the crazed fashionistas await New York Fashion Week. The autumnal equinox represents more than the basic bitch pumpkin flavor: it shows how even leaves have to die off to make room for something new! In this post, I show you 10 new ways to start fresh this month (or every month for that matter). Read below!

New Month, New Blessings! 

New Month, New Blessings! 

1. Make or Break A Habit

Whether it is to finally start a project, go back to school or stop talking to that mark ass buster (Ray J voice); There is no better time to do it than in the beginning of the month. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Challenge yourself to start a positive one. One challenge I am doing is to workout more. After I saw the slayage that was Kanye West's "Fade" video featuring Teyana Taylor, I made sure to get my ass moving. 



                                                   SLAY!!! REPPING THE SLIMMIES!

                                                   SLAY!!! REPPING THE SLIMMIES!

2. Stop Procrastination

This is the month of fresh starts so get those goals done! Start small everyday and pretty soon that "thing" you been putting off is complete. 

3. Self Reflect

What better time to do some self reflection than in the beginning of the month? I always like to check in with my heart and see what can I improve and what I can share. Checking your emotional wellness is such an important component to self love. Make sure to check in with your soul today. 


4. Discover New Music!

Whether you like your ratchet trap or smooth jazz, take the time to see what gives you an eargasm. Do yourself a favor and just roam Spotify and Soundcloud and you'll be surprised at what you might like. 

5. Declutter

Move out the old to make room for the new. Use this time to declutter everything: texts, your room, men, women, friends, clothes, etc. There is no better feeling than to get rid of unnecessary things and clearing up space. Donate all your belongings to a credible Goodwill. A clear space is a clear mind. 

6. Build your Fall wardrobe

Now that you got rid of all your wack clothes, how about some fall shopping? Get some style inspiration from your favorite blogs and start styling your self for this new autumn season. Normally It is in the Fall season where people (myself included) bring out their fresh.

7. Start a new book. 

Put down the social media and exercise your brain. Go read something and discuss it with your friends. I am currently going to start The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren



               Seriously, Why The Hell am I here?! 

               Seriously, Why The Hell am I here?! 

8. Build your prayer life

This should have been number 1. Without God, there isn't a fresh start. Put your petitions before God and let his will be done this month. 

9.  Create a budget

You really can't do much if you are in the hole. Do yourself a favor and be mindful of your spending. Set a budget that will allow you to pay bills, have fun and set some aside for a rainy day. Your conscience and credit will thank you. 

10. Enjoy the last days of summer

Before you know it, it will be colder than a witches' tit out here and we will be mad we didn't enjoy those last 90 degree summer days! Live it up!



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