Spring Breakin’ with Microsoft



I am back again guys with another event post! This time around, I was invited through Yelp to attend their Microsoft event held in Garden State Plaza and check out what is new on the technology forefront!

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Fur & Curls: My visit to the Dr. Oz Show



What’s up homies? Not too long ago, I got to visit the ABC studios to go see the Dr. Oz show. Just as expected, the show was full of useful information to take to heart.

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Fur Season Part 1

As usual, it has been a brutal winter in Tri State area. Unlike PETA, I am all about wearing Fur to keep warm. Please spare me the speech on how wrong it is. I know it is but I still wear leather and eat meat so..”Kanye Shrug”. God still forgives, right? Back to the #OOTD…


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Chinatown Snappin’


There is no special occasion for this other than I was hanging out in Chinatown and thought it would be cool to take a pic with a graffiti background. Whoever has been following me for a while know how i like to keep things funky…

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DJ Push Play Part 1: Thug Motivation


What is going on my readers? It is Monday and the beginning of February! I know some people HATE MONDAYS! Instead of looking at it in a negative light, take a look at Mondays as a new start to create dope opportunities! For instance, this post…

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Live Richer Challenge 2015





“And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”-Luke 12:15

If you are like me, you most likely have a lot of CRAP you don’t need!!! See what I am trying to do about it after the jump…

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Mom’s Yellow Blazer..


Anyone else love wearing their mother’s hand me downs?? Nah? Just me? Well, Before my mother retired to Dominican Republic, I stole of her clothing that I knew she would not need over there. Maybe she needed it but by family law I inherit all her clothes (hahaha thanks mom). I was out celebrating my homie, Katie, 31st birthday and decided to break out the banana yellow vintage blazer courtesy of my momma.

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