Happy 2015!! My “Shameless” Challenge!

Warning: Long Post!

Happy New Year my dear readers! I hope you brought in this new year with style!  If you have been following me for the past 2 years, you will know I have had my ups and downs with this website. Some days I love it, some days I hate it. For the most part, I let months go by without updating. I let life get to me and honestly, It is not a good excuse!

While the general population have 2342423 resolutions for every new year, I only have one: to be shameless. I’m pretty sure you guys don’t get it. Let me break it down to ya…

1. feeling shame; distressed or embarrassed by feelings of guilt, foolishness, or disgrace:
2. unwilling or restrained because of fear of shame, ridicule, or disapproval:
They were ashamed to show their work.
3. (especially of children) bashful; timid. (dictionary.com)

All my life, I have been very shy and timid. I didn’t care what people thought of me but I did care if I looked like a fool in front of people. I always had my own style and my own way of expressing myself. However, my look was the only risk I have probably ever taken. I was very afraid to look stupid and had paralyzing fear of failure. That major flaw has prevented me from doing so much more with myself. I let year after year go by, (for the most part) I let opportunities go by because I had to be front and center. For goodness sake, it took major soul searching just to start this blog!

After my 30th birthday this past October, (that post will be up soon) I promised myself to take more chances and be open to all possibilities that came with the blogging industry. So far, I was inching my way with being more comfortable sharing my life online. I had to come to a realization that Social Media now is a way of life. While I can pick and choose what I share online, the reason I have people follow me (I hate saying “followers”) is because they are genuinely interested in what I have to say, do, or write.

My main resolution for 2015 is to be…


1. lacking any sense of shame : immodest; audacious.
2. insensible to disgrace.
3. showing no shame.

Now, I am not saying I will be parading around like my poop doesn’t smell but I do have to be in it to win it. There are people who post pointless things all day long and all they are doing is living their everyday lives. I have seen people with no talent get to the top all because they promote themselves with no regrets, while the artistic introverts are left behind.

I came across this old Shameless Maya video on how she challenged herself to shamelessly promote herself for 365 days and see where it takes her. This resonated with me because (as an introvert) I would much rather be at home and work behind the scenes than be the center of attention. But, as someone who wants to win, I know that a closed mouth don’t get fed. I took this challenge to heart and promised myself that for the rest of 2015, I will keep an open mind, put my feelings of fear in the back burner and join the new millennium in the overexposure of blogger life.

I will be changing this blog around to make it more about lifestyle and include subjects like :

Travel:::Emotional Wellness:::Hair Care:::Beauty::: Finance:::Holistic Practices

I also promised myself to (FINALLY) get a little more tech savvy so I can deliver better quality posts.

Either way, this blog is going to turn into my journal to the world as I share and write about areas that interest me. I am going to be the Editor in Chief (something I always wanted to be) of this website and hopefully, my readers can come along for the ride. Here is to a SHAMELESS 2015!


Mom’s Yellow Blazer..


Anyone else love wearing their mother’s hand me downs?? Nah? Just me? Well, Before my mother retired to Dominican Republic, I stole of her clothing that I knew she would not need over there. Maybe she needed it but by family law I inherit all her clothes (hahaha thanks mom). I was out celebrating my homie, Katie, 31st birthday and decided to break out the banana yellow vintage blazer courtesy of my momma.

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90s Nostalgia Part 3…



My personal trend of sporty summer clothing continues with this post. The best part of having true personal style is that you do not feel the need to be a slave to current trends. At least I know I don’t! I made it clear in a previous post, Casual Summer, that all I did this past summer was work. My uniform consisted of anything sporty and cute enough not to turn people off. I managed to still snap some pictures with my phone when I felt the outfit was blog worthy. In these pics, I was on set and my partner was kind enough to take my pictures… Enjoy.

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Classic Black…

Lately, I have been inspired by the fashion and makeup of the 90s. I feel as though everything back then was a bit more natural and now that I am older I don’t feel the need to wear such loud colors or to make a statement. Furthermore, I definitely do not feel the need to put so much thought into outfits. I got this “Sho’nuff” (google and laugh lol :) inspired top from The Vintage Attic. I loved the leather details and how they added drama to a simple top. I kept my hair wild and free and muted makeup made this one of my favorite outfits. :)

90s Black

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Casual Summer



I will admit that it was a casual summer. I did not get to enjoy the summer because all I did was work! I worked on a lot of amazing projects such as Color Club Nail Lacquer campaigns and other cool editorials along with my regular 9 to 5.  For a lot of these shoots it was unrealistic to get all glammed up so casual cool was the order of my personal style this summer…
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Sporty Summer Nights





I’m back with another post!!! I am on a roll! I made a promise to myself that I will bring new content more often, even if I have to use my phone to take pictures! I know it is better If i made the effort to take more quality pictures but let’s be honest, who is going to bring a huge DSLR camera everywhere they go? Not me. I rather live my life and capture moments with my phone than to choreograph everything. Some people might not appreciate my phone pics but again, i rather live my life. On to this post…

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NYFW #OOTD Black & White



Hello World, I am back with the Part Deux of my #OOTD for New York Fashion Week. Like I mentioned yesterday, I was only able to participate two days of the week. This was my super casual outfit that I wore for the Style 360 Event. I wanted to keep it simple since I was going to be stomping around the city. I needed something I could move in and decided to go with this…. Continue Reading

NYFW #OOTD “The Tan Dress”



What is going on, sweethearts! As we all know New York Fashion Week just passed and I only managed to participate in the festivities for two days due to work!! Don’t I wish I can do this full time?! (One day, God Willing!) I wore this hot little number to float around the city catching the different shows! I was in great company with my new friend, Kathy! You will see a lot more of her on this blog coming soon! We managed to take a few pics in between shows so I can showcase for the blog! Enjoy!

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Spring Brights

IMG_0022     I decided to welcome spring/ summer with some bright colors to show appreciation of how HAPPY I am that we survived this brutal winter. For a while, I thought we were living in a frozen tundra instead of New Jersey. Global Warming is no joke people! Decidí dar la bienvenida a la primavera / verano con algunos colores vivos para mostrar apreciación de lo feliz que estoy de que sobrevivimos a esta invierno brutal. Durante un tiempo, pensé que estábamos viviendo en una tundra helada en lugar de Nueva Jersey. El calentamiento global no es un juego!! Continue Reading

“What’s with the inconsistency?”

Hello Hello!! Remember me? I used to post on this blog regularly at one point in my life. My excuse for not blogging regularly is that life got in the way. That is me taking the easy way out. I will actually admit my hopes and fears on this blog post and never really speak on it again. I never want to get too heavy on my website but since it is my website….well here goes.

A little known fact about me is that I have 10 plus years in this “fashion game”. I went from doing marketing, to writing, to public relations and back again. With the great recession and other unfortunate situations, I had to cut my losses from fashion and get a “real” job. I have now worked at my real job for almost three years when a lot of my super supportive friends convinced me to start a blog. I knew it was an overly saturated field and had my doubts. It took tons of convincing for me to even stand in front of a camera and pose. When I first decided to blog, I asked God for permission because I did not want to step out of his will. I wanted this blog to be blessed and to be a blessing to others. Encountering nay sayers, social media queens, swagger jackers and overall negativity had me questioning my self worth and my drive. You see, I am not exactly a cookie cutter blogger. I have tattoos, I don’t flat iron my hair and I am not the most marketable person.  In turn, I was giving my readers shitty content and posting pictures just because. I am not proud of that. I have a journalism background and I felt I should have given way better content. As I was being continuously passed up on sponsors and promotions, it really did a number on my willpower. I decided to take a break and live life. I got a great new apartment in a new city. I spent quality time with my mother who does not live in the states. I spent a lot of time with my friends. I read books and meditated. I spoke to God for some direction. All this made me realize that I should not have to drown out my passion because a few straight laced companies aren’t into heavily tattooed people. I know that my audience is more Nasty Gal than Old Navy and I am ok with that. I have always been the type of person who wasn’t a leader or a follower; but for some reason people always kept their eye on me. That is what I plan to continue doing: making sure that I give you great content so whoever reads this (whether they think i am terrible or not) keeps their eye on me… keep scrolling in case you forgot what i look like.

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