Spring Brights

IMG_0022     I decided to welcome spring/ summer with some bright colors to show appreciation of how HAPPY I am that we survived this brutal winter. For a while, I thought we were living in a frozen tundra instead of New Jersey. Global Warming is no joke people! Decidí dar la bienvenida a la primavera / verano con algunos colores vivos para mostrar apreciación de lo feliz que estoy de que sobrevivimos a esta invierno brutal. Durante un tiempo, pensé que estábamos viviendo en una tundra helada en lugar de Nueva Jersey. El calentamiento global no es un juego!! Continue Reading

“What’s with the inconsistency?”

Hello Hello!! Remember me? I used to post on this blog regularly at one point in my life. My excuse for not blogging regularly is that life got in the way. That is me taking the easy way out. I will actually admit my hopes and fears on this blog post and never really speak on it again. I never want to get too heavy on my website but since it is my website….well here goes.

A little known fact about me is that I have 10 plus years in this “fashion game”. I went from doing marketing, to writing, to public relations and back again. With the great recession and other unfortunate situations, I had to cut my losses from fashion and get a “real” job. I have now worked at my real job for almost three years when a lot of my super supportive friends convinced me to start a blog. I knew it was an overly saturated field and had my doubts. It took tons of convincing for me to even stand in front of a camera and pose. When I first decided to blog, I asked God for permission because I did not want to step out of his will. I wanted this blog to be blessed and to be a blessing to others. Encountering nay sayers, social media queens, swagger jackers and overall negativity had me questioning my self worth and my drive. You see, I am not exactly a cookie cutter blogger. I have tattoos, I don’t flat iron my hair and I am not the most marketable person.  In turn, I was giving my readers shitty content and posting pictures just because. I am not proud of that. I have a journalism background and I felt I should have given way better content. As I was being continuously passed up on sponsors and promotions, it really did a number on my willpower. I decided to take a break and live life. I got a great new apartment in a new city. I spent quality time with my mother who does not live in the states. I spent a lot of time with my friends. I read books and meditated. I spoke to God for some direction. All this made me realize that I should not have to drown out my passion because a few straight laced companies aren’t into heavily tattooed people. I know that my audience is more Nasty Gal than Old Navy and I am ok with that. I have always been the type of person who wasn’t a leader or a follower; but for some reason people always kept their eye on me. That is what I plan to continue doing: making sure that I give you great content so whoever reads this (whether they think i am terrible or not) keeps their eye on me… keep scrolling in case you forgot what i look like.

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Skulls and Leggings


This was an outfit that I wore to a cool art gallery opening (more on that on the next post). I had to rep my love for skulls by wearing BoWhore Designs!

Esto es un conjunto que estrene cuando fui a una galería de arte. (Mas de la galería en otra entrada) Claro que tenia que representar mi diseñadora BoWhore Designs!

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OOTD1-2This was my outfit for the Tide/Downy #tuckinturnoff event. I wanted to go casual considering the event was about sleep. (lol) However, that was not an excuse to go sloppy.

Esta era el conjunto que estrene para el evento de Tide/Downy #tuckinturnoff. Fui muy casual considerando que el evento era de la importancia de dormir bien. (jeje) Pero eso es una excusa para ir fea!

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#Tuckinturnoff The Downy Event!


Exodus 20:8-10 “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”

Éxodo 20:8-10 “Acuérdate del día de reposo para santificarlo.

I was invited by Alicia of  chica fashion fame to attend The Downy #tuckinturnoff event! While this may not be a glam fashion event I usually post, this event had to do with the topic that many people can relate too: not getting enough sleep!

Alicia de la blog Chica Fashion me invito a el evento de Downy #tuckinturnoff. Este no es un evento de moda que yo siempre voy, si no se trata de un tema que todos pueden relacionar: no dormir suficiente!

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90s Nostalgia part 2

Before the snow took over the east coast, I wanted to do a quick outfit of the day in this frigid weather. Instead of trying to be cute in pumps, I made an outfit around my patent leather Doc Marten boots. Brights in the winter? In my opinion, is a DO.


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#MBFW Jose Duran Presentation

Fashion Week: Most people would give their right lung to get to attend this prestigious event. I thank God that I am fortunate enough to attend at least one show as season.  (if my work schedule allows) Sometimes, I take Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for granted because I have been attending shows for so long. However, when I look at my social media accounts and see how many people consider me “lucky” because I get to invited to these shows, I had to thank the most high for allowing to be a part of this world. While most bloggers want to attend the big name shows, I enjoy viewing the smaller venues of up and coming designers such as Dominican Bred Jose Duran.


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This has been one of the coldest winters in the tri-state area since…ever! I mainly want to showcase some of the coats I have been wearing to keep warm. With these frigid temperatures, I can’t bear to pose outside! It has literally been 3 degrees in New Jersey and (unfortunately) I have had to work OUTSIDE under these conditions. However, I am grateful to at least have a job to support this awesome hobby of mine: fashion blogging!


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My Top 5 Red Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day: The highly debated day of amor! Whether you hate or love V-Day, it is always highly anticipated. While you should show acts of love year round, take this day to do something extra special for yourself or your significant other.There are your jaded nay-sayers that want to downplay the holiday but I always look at this day as an excuse to gorge on chocolate! Also, any day that celebrates the excess of the color red is great in my book! I partnered up with fellow blogger babe, Patricia of thefashionvictim14.blogspot.com to give our top lipstick picks for V-day! Whether you are in a pair or having your own Gal-entine’s Day with your girlfriends, do it in style with my top red lipstick picks for the celebrated day of love!  

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